Special: Oh No You Didn’t! A Tribute to Fozzi

newreddwarflogoAbout a year ago, we lost a good friend and frequent guest host, Fozzi Forrester. He was an amazing and lovely person, and he will be missed. What you are about to listen to is a lost recording of a show that Darren and I (Shane) used to do together called “Oh No You Didn’t,” where we talked about the worst in sci-fi and fantasy.
On this episode, we were joined by David Probert and Ian Wilson, and we talked about the worst two episodes of the British show “Blake’s 7.” This show was recorded four years ago, and until a few months ago, I thought it was lost.
Warning: There is a small amount of swearing in this show.
And finally… We miss you, Fozzi.

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Thanks to “Ollie Abamp” for lending us his lovely acoustic cover of the Red Dwarf theme. Find that and more at his YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjnKYBRsVj66_vGd6VmRQLA

To download the episode, right click here and click “Save Link As.” Or you can listen to it right here:

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